1. One of my favorite attempts at photography so far

  2. I had the pleasure of capturing Merv’s amazing performance. 

    Please visit him at: http://mervcollinsmusic.com

  3. My artwork - some of it dating as far back as high school in 1999

  4. A time lapse painting of one of our parakeets.

  5. Matthew Gregory Jones - “Blood On The Pavement” Music Video

  6. Production Stills of music videos I shoot

    -“Blood on the Pavement” by Matthew Gregory Jones


  7. Bookworm Cafe in Rockford, IL

    a great place for open mics, poetry, comedy, or music


  8. Abreo Restaurant in Rockford, IL

    - Ron Holm and company of the wonderful Americana band, Between Planes:

    Visit them at:


  9. Rosbrook Studio in Dixon, IL

    An awesome up and coming venue and co-op artist space


  10.  I like to create art, music, and video.  

    My artwork has always stood out from my peers.  As a kindergartner, my art work was featured in a local high school art show.  In fourth grade, I created a hand made newsletter for my hometown that featured my cartoons.  Kids began to pay me to make artwork for them.  I was known for being the best artist.

    In junior high I began writing lyrics and producing hip hop music with what little I had.  In high school I formed a band for the school-wide competition. We toured for a few years and recorded some songs as I learned about recording and purchased studio gear. My interests kept growing and then shifted towards film making. I’ve always been creating audio and visuals and am pleased to see the two finally coming together thru video production.  This is the history of my work.